How To…

Get smart and gain knowledge regarding various accounting and financial management skills that will drive your business and career forward.  Examples include how to generate robust gross margin analysis, how to create a profit and loss statement for a manufacturing business, how to optimize inventory purchasing and much more.

How To knowledge, such as creating a Profit and Loss Statement for a Manufacturing Business, is an important capability.

Learn how to create an Excel performance dashboard, such as this one, and improve performance

Self-Paced Learning

Profitwyse provides in-depth skill development in financial planning & analysis, the use of statistics in business, inventory optimization, financial reporting, dashboards, as well as basic accounting skills, through our Profitwyse Academy.  Take a look at the courses we offer to see how you can start delivering greater value at work today!

CFO Consulting Services

In addition to all the various learning resources, Profitwyse provides consulting services to privately-held businesses.  This is with a focus toward helping clients increase their enterprise value and prepare for a successful exit from their businesses.

Move the needle. Make a notable difference in your business leveraging financial management tools and Profitwyse's CFO Services.

This Balance Scorecard display is and example of how Profitwyse tools can help your business.


We market a number of useful tools that accountants, business owners and financial analysts can utilize to improve profitability, increase cash flow and optimize working capital (mostly accounts receivable and inventory investment).  Take a look at our tool set and see if you have any gaps in your own tool box that we can fill.