CFO Consulting

Leverage CFO Consulting Services And Overcome Barriers To Success

Gain access to seasoned financial management expertise and accelerate your growth

Are you getting the financial management expertise you need to succeed?  The vast majority of privately held businesses do not and pay a price in lost profits, reduced cash flow and diminished business valuation growth.  Do you really want your potential retirement adversely impacted because you relied on incapable financial management talent?  Our CFO consulting services will supplement your current accounting function, providing the expertise you need to overcome barriers limiting your ability to achieve important goals for profitability, cash flow growth and retirement.

Profitwyse can help.  We can provide you with a road map showing how to overcome your barriers and achieve long-term goals.  Developing your road map starts with a 3D Financial Analysis, which is a diagnostic review of your business that will reveal solutions to many of your pain points.  Our 3D Financial Analysis is similar to getting a full-panel blood test for your business without the use of any needles.  Thank God for that…

Your 3D Financial Analysis™ will consist of the following three components:

3D Financial Analysis Step 1 – Discovery

During the Discovery phase we will benchmark your financial performance against metrics for your specific industry.  Additionally, we will review your financial history for the most recent accounting periods to identify hidden trends in profitability and working capital utilization that require focused attention.  And most importantly, we will meet with you and your accounting staff to better understand the state of your financial management tools and processes to recommend improvements.

3D Financial Analysis Step 2 — Direction

We will provide you a summarized list of our findings that describe the current state of your financial management tools and processes while identifying critical areas of improvement.  We will also provide you with a description of how your future state financial management needs to evolve and how that translates into improved business performance.

3D Financial Analysis Step 3 — Deploy

We will also generate a summarized implementation schedule so that you can influence the cadence of recommendations to best suite your business priorities. 

Our 3D Financial Analysis™ helps us identify business issues that are slowing your progress toward your goals.  Learn more about how to build a successful business and contact us today.