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Improve Business Performance And Grow Your Business/Valuation With A 3D Financial Analysis

Our 3D Financial Analysis Will Provide The Clarity You Need To Grow Your Business

As Peter Drucker famously said, “you can’t manage what you can’t measure.”  Today a large percentage of privately held business owners are unable to improve business performance because they lack access to the financial management expertise needed to profitability grow and achieve their goals.  Much of this stems from relying on inexperienced and/or unmotivated accounting advisors that do not provide seasoned financial advice business owners deserve.  Here are a few key indicators of deficient financial management expertise:

  • Ever increasing demands for cash resources that frequently surprise management and the business owner;
  • Continually deteriorating relationships with bankers due to missing loan covenants and/or late financial statement submissions;
  • Minimal understanding of how the business is performing vs. its industry competitors, which can negatively impact opportunities for profitable growth;
  • Inability to closely monitor gross profit margins and make insightful business decisions that balance trade offs with respect to price, volume and cost of products;
  • Financial reporting that provides little to no actionable intelligence regarding business performance and corrective actions, that is consequently ignored by everyone other than your tax accountant;
  • An absence of a mutual understanding, among key employees, regarding near-term goals, that manifests itself in inefficient and unproductive use of time and other precious resources; or
  • Little or no focus on how business decisions are impacting enterprise value and how that may impact succession plans in the future.

If you are experiencing one or more of the above issues, then your business is most likely suffering from a lack of financial management expertise.  Profitwyse can help.  The way that we assist business owners starts with our 3D Financial Analysis.  A 3D Financial Analysis consists of the following three components:

3D Financial Analysis Step 1 – Discovery

During the Discovery phase we will benchmark your financial performance against metrics for your specific industry.  Additionally, we will review your financial trends for the most recent accounting periods to identify hidden profitability opportunities and working capital utilization that require focused attention.  And most importantly, we will meet with you and your accounting staff to better understand the state of your financial management tools and processes.

3D Financial Analysis Step 2 — Direction

We will provide you a summarized list of our findings that describe the current state of your financial management tools and processes, identifying critical areas of improvement.  We will also provide you with a description of how your future state financial management needs to evolve and how that translates into improved business performance.

3D Financial Analysis Step 3 — Deploy

We will also generate a summarized implementation schedule so that you can influence the cadence of financial management changes we are recommending to best suite your business priorities. 

Whether you decide to engage Profitwyse to deploy the recommendations provided or decide to do it yourself, you will be well on a path to improving business performance and building a legacy for you and your family. 

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