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Profitwyse is a Los Angeles-based management consulting firm focused on providing CFO and succession planning services to privately held businesses in the region.  What you need to know about us is that we have extensive experience, in many industries, providing business owners the financial management expertise needed to overcome barriers that can inhibit profitable growth and wealth creation.  All of our engagements start with a 3D Financial Analysis that identifies key areas of improvement and sets a strategy focused on building wealth.  Learn more about us or request a 3D Financial Analysis by clicking below.

Founded by Chase Morrison, we have many years of experience helping owners build successful businesses.  We provide a diagnostic business report of your operation that identifies areas of improvement and as well as developing a detailed road map to guide our efforts to objectives are met.   

Take this simple test to determine if you need to know more about us

Not sure if your business needs CFO consulting services?  Take our simple test below and tally up your results on each question using a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 representing total agreement and 1 representing total disagreement. 

  1. My accountant/bookkeeper generates my financial statements shortly after month end, including profit and loss, balance sheet and statement of cash flows, enabling me to look for changes in business performance and areas requiring corrective action.
  2. In addition to financial statements, I have 3 to 5 key performance indicators that are reviewed regularly by me and my leadership team, that provide insight into customer service levels and cost control.
  3. My banker has complete confidence in our financial statements, aging reports and inventory records.
  4. Critical business processes are well documented and utilized by employees to operate at high levels of efficiency and reduce our reliance on “tribal knowledge.”
  5. I have established clearly defined roles and responsibilities for all my employees and hold them accountable for their job performance.
  6. The composition of my gross and net margins are well understood and consistently trend above my industry averages for profitability and growth, with very little month-to-month variation.
  7. I have a financial plan in place and monitor monthly and year-to-variances to plan for changes to either profitability and/or working capital.


  • 70 to 61: You are in excellent shape.
  • 60 to 44: You can do better.
  • 45 to 31: Do you feel like you need a compass?
  • 30 to 16: You can right the ship, just give us a call.
  • 15 and below: How do you sleep at night?  We deliver peace of mind.

If you would like to learn more about us, then please check out Profitwyse’s YouTube channel for some great Excel tips and tricks that we utilize with our day-to-day clients.

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