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Profitwyse provides affordable CFO services to privately-held businesses in many different industries, including manufacturing, distribution, government contracting and professional services.  Our services will supplement and elevate your existing finance staff.  If you have ever wondered if there was someone that could “help my business” then you have come to the right place.  We focus on providing business owners the financial expertise needed to intelligently grow their businesses.

Does your financial management resource provide the following?

  1. Generates a time-phased detail business financial plan along with monthly reports comparing actual results to an established plan.
  2. Maintains cash flow forecasting and management tools to better predict when you need additional cash resources or when surplus cash will be available for new initiatives.
  3. Provides timely insight using financial reporting that guide your business toward important goals.
  4. Plays a key role in your banking relationships, ensuring timely reports are distributed to lenders and important banking covenants are monitored.
  5. Has established key performance indicators (KPI) that are organized around a balance scorecard, focused on your employees most critical activities.
  6. Produces business intelligence (BI) tools, leveraging your accounting data, that produce meaningful analyses and support wise decisions.
  7. Maintains and continuously improves your accounting processes that increase both the effectiveness and efficiency of your accounting department.

This is the type of service we bring to all of our clients.  If you are not getting this level of financial management support, which is what every business needs to succeed, then please contact us today.


Contact us today and we will provide you with a 3D Financial Analysis review that evaluates your overall performance, as compared to your industry in the form of benchmark analysis.  We will also develop a set of recommendations for your business along with an implementation schedule that will illustrate how affordable CFO services can help you grow your business.  Just use the contact us button below.