Industry expertise

Our Focused Industry Experience

Manufacturing & Distribution

Focused industry expertise is critical to managing inventory, which otherwise can be a big challenge.  We implement integrated solutions that enable our clients to regain control over their resources and better utilize their cash.  If you have 5 or 5,000 SKUs, we can help with customized solutions, such as Fishbowl Inventory.  We have the the manufacturing expertise you need to overcome barriers to growth and profitability.

Government Contracting

Whether it is wrestling with the DCAA or better managing project resources, we can help.  Not sure how to set up your overhead rates?  Not sure what is allowable and what is unallowable?  Need to separate your overhead from your G&A pools, using QuickBooks, and you’re not sure where to start?  Profitwyse has the government contracting expertise you need to solve those challenges.  We can help.

Professional Service Experience

Do you struggle with integrating your labor tracking system with your accounting system?  Ever wonder how profitable each employee is?  Do you have loads of historical invoicing data that you are unable to analyze and leverage to better run your business?  Our history of providing professional service expertise can be applied to your data to drive insightful analytics.

Retail & Restaurant Optimization

Does your Point of Sales (POS) system have you perplexed?  Are you able to leverage your transactional data to make better decisions?  Is your POS and accounting system integrated such that you can make intelligent about profitability   Many retail businesses struggle with inventory control and pricing analysis.  We have the retail expertise to help.