Take Action! – Read The Monthly CEO Advisory Report For May 2020 to For Business Tips During These Challenging Times

Profitwyse is a monthly contributor to the The CEO Advisory Report for May 2020, published by Ken Keller with Strategic Advisory Boards.  The Monthly CEO Advisory is a compilation of timely articles from professionals with deep expertise in all areas affecting the privately-held business space.  If you are a chief executive or a C-suite member of a midsize business, The Monthly CEO Advisory contains valuable information take you can put into action today.

If you would like to be added on regular distribution, please send us a note via our Contact Us page.

What’s in This Edition of The Monthly CEO Advisory For May 2020

CFO Insights | Chase Morrison

Four Essential Cash Flow Metrics You Need Today

Business Growth & Profits | Ken Keller

There Will Be Better Days Ahead

Commercial Real Estate | Sheryl Mazirow

The Office Space Market and COVID-19

Commercial Insurance | Paul Palkovic

Ideas For Affecting Commercial Insurance Premium Reductions — RIGHT NOW!

Human Resources Compliance | Barry Cohn

Employment Lawsuits Are Expected to Rise Dramatically Due to COVID-19

Manufacturing Excellence | BJ Schramm

Preparing For a New Normal

Information Technology | Craig Pollack

Tips to Spot Online Scammers During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Company Benefits | Peter Ettinger

Why You Need To Improve Your Employee Benefits Communication

Alternative Financing | Kristy Melton

Small Business Benefit From Working With a Business Finance Broker

Sales Management | Paul Mitchell

Create An Effective Crisis Sales Plan

If you have additional questions regarding any of the above segments, please reach out to authors.  Their contact information is included in with the content.

As always, if you need financial management expertise to accelerate growth, improve profitability or enhance cash flow, feel free to contact us today


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