Excel Beginner Skills – User Interface Basics (001)

Why Do You Need to Understand User Interface Basics of Excel

Excel is extremely complex and relies on each user’s ability to navigate around the screen and quickly determine where the desired functionality is located.  In this tutorial we begin with a brief history of spread sheets, just to provide a background regarding where we started and how we arrived at the latest edition of Microsoft Excel, including the “killer app” which was Vis-a-Calc.

Starting with the Quick Access, we take you through a rapid tour of the different areas of the Excel User Interface such that you can begin to find your desired functionality, including Tab Row, Ribbon (and how to hide the Ribbon), Formula Bar, Cell Selector, Row and Column addresses, Sheet Tabs and Status Bar.

YouTube Video — Profitwyse Academy | Introduction to Excel | User Interface Basics


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About the Author
About the Author
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